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(Historical Terms) the fourth month of the French revolutionary calendar, extending from Dec 22 to Jan 20
[C18: via French from Latin nivōsus snowy, from nix snow]
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Noun1.Nivose - fourth month of the Revolutionary calendar (December and January); the snowy month
Revolutionary calendar - the calendar adopted by the first French Republic in 1793 and abandoned in 1805; dates were calculated from Sept. 22, 1792
Revolutionary calendar month - a month in the Revolutionary calendar
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To give just a few examples, we recall the civic sermons which were given around Lyons during Nivose in Year 2 [December 1793] by the actor Dorfeuille and the journalist Millet, the editor of Pere Duchesne de Commune affranchie.
Order of Ferrand on capture of Haitians, 16 Nivose an 13 (6 January 1805), CARAN Colonies CC/9a/40.
29) The Decade of 20 Nivose year VIII (10 January 1800) announces that Say's functions in the Tribunat will no longer allow him to take care of the general management of the journal and he will take part only in the articles which bear his initials.
19) The distinction between error and crime became a leitmotif of the period: for example, Boudin on 26 nivose III, "How can we distinguish what were actual crimes from what were only errors of the moment?
Eleven men were arrested by the French frigate Nivose, on 15 April 2009, after an attack on the MV Safmarine Asia, a ship flying the flag of Liberia, and handed over to the Kenyan authorities in Mombasa, on 22 April.
A defence ministry spokesman, who said the pirates had been sailing a 10-metre "mother ship," said the captives were being detained on board the Nivose, the French warship.
The 11 captured pirates are being held on board a French frigate, the Nivose, part of a European Union antipiracy task force patrolling in the area, the French defense ministry said in a statement.
The French frigate, Nivose, part of an EU force trying to halt attacks launched by pirates from Somalia, arrested 11 gunmen after it intercepted a pirate "mother ship" on Wednesday, officials said.
The latter was born of a series of caricatures published by Carle Vernet in Nivose, Year V (January 1797), and quickly inspired the same comic outpouring that the currutaco had in spring of 1795.
Laveaux, Etienne, 1798, << Opinion de Laveaux en la seance du 12 nivose an VI >>.
Dirigo dehinc oculorum radios ad partes italicas, quo magis inclinat animus; Alpes ipse rigentes ac nivose, per quas ferus ille quodam hostis romani nominis transivit, aceto, si fame credimus, saxa perrumpens, iuxta michi vise sunt, cure tamen magno distent intervallo.