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 (nĭk′sən), Richard Milhous 1913-1994.
The 37th president of the United States (1969-1974). Vice president (1953-1961) under Dwight D. Eisenhower, he lost the 1960 presidential election to John F. Kennedy. Elected president in 1968, he visited China (1972) and established détente with the USSR. Although he increased US military involvement in Southeast Asia, he eventually withdrew US troops from the region. After Congress recommended three articles of impeachment for Nixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal, he resigned from office (1974).


, Thelma Catherine Ryan Known as "Pat." 1912-1993.
First lady of the United States (1969-1974) as the wife of President Richard M. Nixon. She worked to make the White House more accessible for disabled and visually impaired people.
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(Biography) Richard M(ilhous). 1913–94, US Republican politician; 37th president from 1969 until he resigned over the Watergate scandal in 1974
Nixonian adj
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(ˈnɪk sən)
Richard M(ilhous), 1913–94, 37th president of the U.S., 1969–74 (resigned).
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Noun1.Nixon - vice president under Eisenhower and 37th President of the United StatesNixon - vice president under Eisenhower and 37th President of the United States; resigned after the Watergate scandal in 1974 (1913-1994)
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They wrote to the family lawyer, Albert Nixon, who was co-executor with the Vicar of Blackstable for the late Henry Carey's estate, and asked him whether he would take Philip.
But this didn't quite suit his fastidious taste in another minute, being too shiny; so, as they walk up the town, they dive into Nixon's the hatter's, and Tom is arrayed, to his utter astonishment, and without paying for it, in a regulation cat-skin at seven-and- sixpence, Nixon undertaking to send the best hat up to the matron's room, School-house, in half an hour.
Nixon, an American gentleman, to whose kindness I was much indebted during the four days I stayed at his house.
'Vell now,' said Sam, 'you've been a-prophecyin' away, wery fine, like a red-faced Nixon, as the sixpenny books gives picters on.'
On this evening in 1974, President Richard Nixon announced his intent to resign the following day.
A day when President Nixon finally appeared on television to address the Watergate scandal.
Two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Ray Locker's second book about the Nixon White House is Haig's Coup, an inside view of the besieged president's final sixteen months in office as seen by his closest adviser, General Alexander Haig.
As his argument before the Missouri Supreme Court wound down, Jay Nixon paused a bit as he dissected the grammar of a recent change to insurance law.
Candidate for New York governor Cynthia Nixon responds to a question during a news conference Monday, March 26 Image Credit: AP Nardine Saad, Los Angeles Times
Nixon's Back Channel to Moscow: Confidential Diplomacy and Detente
NEARLY A HALF CENTURY AGO, IN his 1968 election and 1972 reelection, Richard Nixon helped initiate the movement of blue-collar workers from the New Deal Democratic coalition to the Republican Party that accelerated under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, and was decisive in Donald Trump's 2016 victory.