No problem

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1. A question to be considered, solved, or answered: math problems.
a. A situation, matter, or person that is hard to deal with or understand: was having problems breathing; considered the main problem to be his boss. See Usage Note at dilemma.
b. A personal matter that causes one difficulty or needs to be dealt with: felt her tyrannical boss had deep-seated problems.
3. A misgiving, objection, or complaint: I have a problem with his cynicism.
1. Difficult to deal with or control: a problem child.
2. Dealing with a moral or social problem: a problem play.
no problem
1. Used to express confirmation of or compliance with a request.
2. Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude.

[Middle English probleme, from Old French, from Latin problēma, problēmat-, from Greek, from proballein, to throw before, put forward : pro-, before; see pro-2 + ballein, blē-, to throw; see gwelə- in Indo-European roots.]
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ilman muuta
ça roulede rien
ikke noe problem
hakuna matata
No problem   
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She had no problem producing children, but her dilemma was whether her son Bertie, the future Edward VII, was up to the job he was being raised for.