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No sugar   
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You can control what goes into them, using little or no sugar and the types of juices, fruits and yogurts that you prefer.
No Sugar Added Peaches, Pears, Fruit Cocktail are Perfect for Health, Fitness New Year's Resolutions
To help consumers achieve their goals and live healthier lives, Del Monte Foods (NYSE:DLM) today announced another innovation with the launch of new Del Monte([R]) No Sugar Added peaches, pears and fruit cocktail.
New products, like Del Monte No Sugar Added, make it easier to eat more fruit as part of a balanced diet and are perfect for consumers who are looking to reduce their sugar intake.
Picked and packed at the peak of flavor and freshness, Del Monte's new No Sugar Added products are a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the goodness of fruit, without the added sugar.
Del Monte No Sugar Added is available in both canned and plastic varieties that are sprouting up in major retailers starting this month.
Try these simple tips to make Del Monte No Sugar Added fruits a part of a healthy lifestyle:
Whether you have 15 minutes to take a walk or an hour at the gym, Del Monte No Sugar Added fruit provides a perfect pre- or post-workout snack.
As far as ice cream trends, ``Indulgent is where the pendulum is today,'' said Harrison, adding that about 70 percent of Dreyer's volume is real ice cream and 30 percent is low-fat, no sugar, yogurt and other frozen dessert products.
Biscuits: Shredded Wheat offers no salt as well as no sugar.
Known for its next generation formula and healthy qualities, Beyond*Sugar(TM) is made entirely from natural sugars; it contains no sugar alcohols or synthetic chemicals.
Food and beverages sweetened with Beyond*Sugar(TM) will be sweetened entirely with the all-natural sugar, Beyond*Sugar(TM); contain no sugar alcohols or synthetic chemicals; will be designed to have a low glycemic index and glycemic load; be thermogenic, nutritionally fortified, and healthier.