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 (nō-ā′kē-ən) also No·ach·ic (-ăk′ĭk) or No·ach·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Bible Of or relating to Noah or his time.
2. Antiquated; ancient; long obsolete.


(nəʊˈeɪkɪən) or


(Bible) Old Testament of or relating to the patriarch Noah


(noʊˈeɪ ki ən) ,

of or pertaining to the patriarch Noah or his time.
[1670–80; Noach (variant of Noah) + -ian]
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Adj.1.Noachian - of or relating to Noah or his time; "Noachian deluge"
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Whether the notion of valid covenant refers to each and every covenant or only to select ones (the Adamic, Noachic, Abrahamic, and Mosaic) has been a matter of debate, which for my purpose here does not require immediate resolution.
This relationship can be rightly seen as covenantal, and Hollander focuses his attention on the Noachic covenant in Genesis, which bound all animals together with us under God's protection.
We may also compare Emily Dickinson's Noachic situation, where she puns on ark and Patriarch, and bilingually on Colon's adopted name:
Much excitement was generated by the epic's incorporation of a story about a great deluge that seemed to foreshadow, parallel, and thus, for some, "support" the Noachic flood tale in Genesis.
The subsequent winter storms blowing in off the Pacific Ocean were Noachic in scale.
He wondered if the Noachic flood could have been caused by tidal effects from a grazing collision (or an actual impact) of a comet with the Earth and proposed in effect a comet-induced tsunami.
Blumenbach strongly resisted the claims of "caprice mongers" who, faced with the demise of the convenient Noachic account of division, now sought to establish out of "skin-and-bones" anthropology a physiological relationship between the orangutan and the Negro.
solves the Noachic food problem by proposing that all animals including man were vegetarians before the Flood.
It is my contention that the Noachic covenant not only precedes the later covenants but also undergirds them and renders conditions within which they are maintained:
The physical and biological interconnectivity of our world is thus religiously evocative in and of itself, "shouting" to us with the force of the pastures and valleys in the psalms, articulating the conditions of the Noachic Earth Community with ever-greater richness.
In addition, the Noachic covenant specifies that drinking blood is an anathema.
17) In their view, the analogy of the end-times fire to the Genesis flood means that 2 Peter does not have in mind the total obliteration of the creation but only its purification, since the Noachic flood did not completely destroy all plants or sea creatures.