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In the Bible, the patriarch who was chosen by God to build an ark, in which he, his family, and a pair of every animal were saved from the Flood.


(Animals) Austral a shark
[from Australian rhyming slang Noah's Ark]


(Bible) Old Testament a Hebrew patriarch, who saved himself, his family, and specimens of each species of animal and bird from the Flood by building a ship (Noah's Ark) in which they all survived (Genesis 6–8)


(ˈnoʊ ə)

the patriarch who built a ship (No′ah's Ark′) in which he, his family, and animals of every species survived the Flood. Gen. 5–9.
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Noun1.Noah - the Hebrew patriarch who saved himself and his family and the animals by building an ark in which they survived 40 days and 40 nights of rainNoah - the Hebrew patriarch who saved himself and his family and the animals by building an ark in which they survived 40 days and 40 nights of rain; the story of Noah and the flood is told in the Book of Genesis


[ˈnəʊə] NNoé
Noah's arkarca f de Noé


nNoah m


[ˈnəʊə] nNoè m
Noah's ark → l'arca di Noè
References in classic literature ?
I'm Mister Noah Claypole,' said the charity-boy, 'and you're under me.
The shop-boys in the neighbourhood had long been in the habit of branding Noah in the public streets, with the ignominious epithets of 'leathers,' 'charity,' and the like; and Noah had bourne them without reply.
Noa Noah was her head sailor, who had been boatswain of the Miele.
Viaburi, you fetch 'm one fella Noa Noah along me," she commanded.
The list of plays thus presented commonly included: The Fall of Lucifer; the Creation of the World and the Fall of Adam; Noah and the Flood; Abraham and Isaac and the promise of Christ's coming; a Procession of the Prophets, also foretelling Christ; the main events of the Gospel story, with some additions from Christian tradition; and the Day of Judgment.
Him a facetious, vacationing architect's clerk dubbed Noah, and so greeted him.
The young blades would have it that none other than old Noah himself had come on board with the remnants of the Lost Tribes, and to elderly female passengers spun hair-raising accounts of the sinking of an entire tropic island by volcanic and earthquake action.
Tom had two abettors, in the shape of a couple of old boys, Noah and Benjamin by name, who defended him from Charity, and expended much time upon his education.
He was a youth by the side of Noah, scarce seventy years old--a cheery, humorous, kind-hearted old man, full of sixty years of Vale gossip, and of all sorts of helpful ways for young and old, but above all for children.
If Job Higgins and Noah Freeman hadn't spoken for the last six months, their "old women" would be sure to get it patched up by that day.
The same with the boys: they were Benjamins, Jacobs, Noahs, Enochs.
In the first, Noah and his wife (Jennifer Connelly) discuss their options, just as the night is cracking and a new day is vibrating a golden glow on the horizon.