Noah's flood

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Noun1.Noah's flood - (Biblical) the great deluge that is said in the Book of Genesis to have occurred in the time of Noah; it was brought by God upon the earth because of the wickedness of human beings
Christian Bible, Good Book, Holy Scripture, Holy Writ, Scripture, Bible, Word of God, Book, Word - the sacred writings of the Christian religions; "he went to carry the Word to the heathen"
flood, inundation, alluvion, deluge - the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land; "plains fertilized by annual inundations"
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In Noah's flood, he despised Noah's Ark; and if ever the world is to be again flooded, like the Netherlands, to kill off its rats, then the eternal whale will still survive, and rearing upon the topmost crest of the equatorial flood, spout his frothed defiance to the skies.
There is his home; there lies his business, which a noah's flood would not interrupt, though it overwhelmed all the millions in China.
But theorists suggest its roots may be biblical and that it was the day on which Eve bit the apple and Noah's Flood began.
Such challenges continued through the twentieth century, (5) and in 1961, two of those advocates, John Whitcomb and Henry Morris, produced a best seller, The Genesis Flood, which interpreted the geologic record according to the Genesis account of Noah's flood.
This is, thankfully, not one of those books that attempts to find scientific explanations for, say, Noah's flood or the parting of the Red Sea.
The faulting of seafloor springs triggered the year-long global Noah's flood (See Genesis 7:11);
It tells the story of the world, Adam and Eve, Noah's flood, passion and doomsday.
Noah: The Real Story delves into the specifics of Noah's flood and ark and includes everything about Noah and his world, pairing stories with black and white images, discussions of controversies, and more, and is recommended for any collection interested in Biblical history.
John Gillis makes the point that the sea has long been considered an alien and dangerous environment in Western culture, with Noah's flood being a prime example.
But putting aside World War III, another Noah's Flood, an alien invasion or an asteroid strike, the odds are that we are going to keep living longer.
For years, archaeologists have scoured the world for factual evidence for the Bible story of Noah's flood, but due to scant documentation, many believe the fable to be an Old Testament myth.