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Noun1.Noah Webster - United States lexicographer (1758-1843)Noah Webster - United States lexicographer (1758-1843)
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For illustration, this present (and illustrious) lexicographer is no firmer in the faith of his own sanity than is any inmate of any madhouse in the land; yet for aught he knows to the contrary, instead of the lofty occupation that seems to him to be engaging his powers he may really be beating his hands against the window bars of an asylum and declaring himself Noah Webster, to the innocent delight of many thoughtless spectators.
The critic said: "In one corner was Noah Webster; in the other, Joseph Emerson Worcester.
Enter Noah Webster, a fiercely patriotic lexicographer determined to rid his fledgling nation's language of all British influence.
| 1828: Noah Webster published his American Dictionary of the English Language.
1828 - First American Dictionary: its author Noah Webster registers its copyright for publication.
Webster is an old word for weaver, interpretable as: 1) human weaver; 2) spider; 3) surfer, web surfer, webmaster; 4) Noah Webster's alphabetical web.
In the event, Weigel is not Noah Webster, and he does not get to decide what is, and is not, the proper definition of a phrase.
The Introduction pays tribute to America's greatest lexicographer Noah Webster, Jr.
They break free from Noah Webster's dictionary and march throughout the land of Hollyword.
Me, I decided to visit three nearby writers' houses - Twain's, Harriet Beecher Stowe's and Noah Webster's - in a single day.
Founding Father Noah Webster's definition of "oath" captures the serious nature of one's oath: "The person invokes the vengeance of God if he should fail to fulfill it."
Noah Webster is famous for writing the first dictionary of the English language as spoken in the United States.