Noah's ark

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No´ah's ark

prop. n.1.The ship built by Noah according to God's command, as related in the bible.
2.(Zool.) A marine bivalve shell (Arca Noæ), which somewhat resembles an ark, or ship, in form.
3.A child's toy, consisting of an ark-shaped box containing many different wooden animals.
4.Anything having a wide and representative assortment of people or objects of a particular class; as, the bar scene in Star Wars was a Noah's Ark of almost every imaginable alien form..
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Noahs Ark was third for Dermot Weld, a place ahead of the Aidan O'Brien-trained Necklace.
Noahs Ark, who had a slim advantage in the straight, held on for third, while Necklace made a bid in the straight from last place but could not sustain her run.
Javier Castellano, who rode Noahs Ark, said: 'She ran pretty good.