Noatak River

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No·a·tak River

 (nō-ä′tək, -täk)
A river of northwest Alaska rising in the Brooks Range and flowing about 640 km (400 mi) westward to Kotzebue Sound.
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The BOAT RIDE up Noatak River was peaceful as usual.
that nosed over in the Noatak River, 120 miles west of Betties, wherever that is.
Hensley was born in Kotzebue and raised along the Little Noatak River delta where he and his family lived during most of his childhood.
Hundreds of miles south of the Noatak River, for example, in a corner of Denali National Park and Preserve, both settlers and local Ahtna Indians in the tiny highway town of Cantwell were granted the right to use all-terrain vehicles to haul moose meat out of several valleys over hardened trails.
The multimedia site tells the story of DeChaine's research during the summer of 2008 on the Noatak River in northern Alaska.
We'll explore several tributaries of the Noatak River, which penetrate deeply into a rugged area of the De Long Mountains.
At the time, they were living near the Noatak River, northwest of Kotzebue, managing a salmon hatchery.
Photo: At gravel bar campsite on Noatak River, canoeists dish up breakfast of scrambled eggs, hot cocoa
Fuel barges can no longer navigate the Noatak River in Northwest Alaska, and reaching communities along the upper Kobuk and the upper Kuskokwim River by barge is becoming more challenging.
Paddling the upper reaches of the Noatak River can lead you beneath hillsides dancing with saxifrage and daubed with Indian paintbrush.
The Kangiguksuk archaeological site, located on the middle Noatak River in northwestern Alaska, was excavated by Edwin S.
Gates of the Arctic Base Camp/ Noatak River Exploration.