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adj. nob·bi·er, nob·bi·est
Fashionable; stylish.

[From nob.]
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Elegant or stylish.
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Pip Carter (Edward Thomas) and Hattie Morahan (Helen Thomas) in The Dark Earth and the Light Sky PIC: NOBBY CLARK
Our matron was Matron Hunt, Home Sister Potts, Sister Jones, chairman Nobby Clark, secretary Mr Whiteman.
Supporters will have the chance to cast their votes in the new year but the players are: Goalkeeper Alan Davidson, defenders Dougie Sharpe, Andy Aitken, Crawford Boyd and Nobby Clark. Midfielders Lex Law, John O'Neil, John Dempster and forwards Stevie Mallan, Ian Reid and Rowan Alexander.
Matt Connor as Lewis, Lisa Howard as Anthea and Steve Huison as Jack Pictures: NOBBY CLARK
Archie joined founding members Nobby Clark and brothers Derek and Alan Longmuir in the original Rollers line-up.
Former Roller Nobby Clark looked on along with Les McKeown's wife Peko, while John McLaughlin, who brought the group together for a final fling, also paid his respects.
Pop idols Alan (centre) flanked by Eric Faulkner and Nobby Clark, John Devine and brother Derek
? Paul Barnhill as Mr Sleary and the rest of the Hard Times cast Picture: NOBBY CLARK
THE first time Nobby Clark crossed Len Hobbs's path he was in a daze after his ship was torpedoed by a U-boat on D-Day.
John McArdle as as Danny in the stage adaptation of Brassed off which is at Darlington Civic Theatre next week PICTURE BY NOBBY CLARK