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A recipient of a Nobel prize.


(noʊˈbɛl ɪst)

a winner of a Nobel prize.
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Noun1.Nobelist - winner of a Nobel prize
laureate - someone honored for great achievements; figuratively someone crowned with a laurel wreath
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As is customary, the announcement was made on December 11th, the Nobelist Mahfouz's birthday.
To answer that question, we borrow from the work of Nobelist Robert Mundell.
At the local science museum's new exhibit about graphene, I learned that Geim is the only Nobelist who has also been honored with an Ig Nobel (which has fun celebrating seemingly useless research in science).
Frank quotes the Nobelist Joseph Stiglitz: "What were we saying to the country, to our young people, when we lowered capital gains taxes and raised taxes on those who earned their living by working?
Discusses and offers a translation from the original Serbo-Croatian of a 1919 essay on Whitman by Yugoslav writer and Nobelist Ivo Andric (1892-1975).
president, Nobelist, and world statesman, Adler's writing and layout present a realistic biography that replaces adulation with reflection.
This is particularly true when bringing the philosophy of science into the battle by quoting its Professor Thomas Kuhn, since one of the main objectives of the philosophy of science is to protect science from scientists, because the latter are often afflicted with "human weakness," to quote American Nobelist in Physics Professor M.
But with the Nazis coming to power in the 1930s, Haber lost his position as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physical Chemistry, dying in exile in Switzerland in 1933, but not before being snubbed by Lord Rutherford, who refused to shake the hand of the fellow Nobelist when he visited Cambridge.
The book reveals examples of his disciplined work (many years' worth of wash steps from DNA preparations that were stored in a freezer became a massive stockpile of ancient DNA when techniques were improved), advances in the field (his first presentation of ancient DNA work was in a session where future Nobelist Kary Mullis described PCR), and the contributions of his global team (key leaders on the project came from three continents and a dozen countries).
Several decades ago, people said this was not a question serious scientists should be thinking about; they either had to be smoking something or have a Nobel Prize"--and Crick, of course, was a Nobelist.
The Cypriot Nobelist also said that environmental taxes for electricity consumption will not benefit Cyprus at the current stage, because the Electricity Authority of Cyprus is a state controlled monopoly and has no incentives to use renewable energy sources.
Nobelist Milton Friedman said it best when he concluded that "The real tragedy of minimum wage laws is that they are supported by well-meaning groups who want to reduce poverty.