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n.1.The body of nobles; the nobility.
2.Noble birth; nobility; dignity.
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Naturally, romance blossoms with the tourist torn between a swarthy stable lad and the haughty Mr Nobley (JJ Feild, doing a bargain-basement version of Colin Firth's Mr Darcy).
From left, Bret McKenzie Russell in Mimicking the vacillations of her favourite literary heroine, Jane finds herself torn between dashing aristocratic suitor Henry Nobley (JJ Field) and warm-hearted groundsman Martin (Bret McKenzie).
Nobley (JJ Feild), is intended to partner gibbering blonde "Amelia Heartwright" (Georgia King), while cheerfully vulgar Yank guest "Elizabeth Charming" (Jennifer Coolidge) is set up with the suspiciously camp Col.
Hizo la muy nobley muy leal ciudad de los Reyes Lima, cabeza de la America Austral, fervorizada a influjo del celo fiel, del cuidadoso empeno y de la amante lealtad del excelentisimo senor don Joseph Manso de Velasco [.
Goins, Judy Hamelman, Thomas Harvey, Kelly Hayslett, Nancy Hernandez, John Jackson, Elke Khetan, Donna Chandler Kirk, Brooks Lewellen, Raquel Mendoza, Treanna Myers, Holly Nobley, Jennifer Reynolds, Phihp Roberts, Gillian Russell, Mark Gordon Scott, Amy Smith, Cheri L.
136 De grant puissance e de nobley, Et mut out en subjection; Seint Bede en fait grant mention En cele estorie des Engleis, 140 Et dist tut fust cil paens reis Il out enfanz de bone fey, Verais en crestiene ley; Un fiz aveit mut renome, 144 Fillies e neces a grant plente Ki se pristrent a Deu del tut, [Fol.
Among his winners is Go Nobley (Tim Thomson Jones), who wins the novice hurdle from Thirty First (John Dunlop/Gary Lyons, 3lb claim).
The glass was engraved in memory of John and Thomas William Nobley, aged 11 and eight, who had gone skating on Barrington Colliery reservoir, near Choppington in Northumberland.