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 (nŏk-tăm′byə-lĭz′əm) also noc·tam·bu·la·tion (-tăm′byə-lā′shən)
[noct(i)- + Latin ambulāre, to walk + -ism.]

noc·tam′bu·list n.
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Noun1.noctambulist - someone who walks about in their sleepnoctambulist - someone who walks about in their sleep
sleeper, slumberer - a rester who is sleeping
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Roads, garden-paths, the house-fronts, the barton-walls were warm as hearths, and reflected the noontime temperature into the noctambulist's face.
This is the stuff dreams are made of, and given the same situation, we'd become the star-struck noctambulist Gil is.
Fishel has even invented a word to describe those who like to live it up to the small hours - a "noctambulist".