Nodal line

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in a vibrating plate or cord, that line or point which remains at rest while the other parts of the body are in a state of vibration.

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where [Y.sup.(j).sub.A](y) is a one-by-four interpolation function matrix and [w.sup.(j).sub.A] are the nodal line degree of freedom (DOF) functions defined by
19, 29, 39) subhyaline, less than 2.5 times as long as the maximum width, widest at level of nodal line, anterior margin slightly arched, posterior margin straight, rounded apically; corium smooth, without granulation, costal cell broader, with sparse oblique transverse veinlets, Sc+R veins forked basad of middle of forewing, and Cu veins bifurcated in basal quarter, M veins simply reaching to nodal line, claval veins uniting in middle of clavus, nodal line and subapical line distinct, forming 7-9 subapical cells and 11-15 apical cells.
1G) rounded apically, about 2.5-2.7 times longer than maximum width, widest at level of nodal line; corium without granulation; costal cell with 13-15 oblique transverse veinlets; Sc + R forked at basal fourth; Cu bifurcated at nearly basal 1/3; claval apex beyond midpoint of tegmen, claval veins uniting at slightly basal 3/5 of clavus; nodal line and subapical line distinct, forming numerous subapical and apical cells, the number of subapical and apical cells variable.
They used frequency spectrum analysis, Chladni nodal line testing, a form of powder vibration test, and laser vibrometer testing.
On the side of measure, continuity and discontinuity are joined in the 'nodal line' (Knotenlinie).
On June 8, 2004, Venus will come into conjunction just past the nodal line, and 8 years later, on June 6, 2012, just before the nodal line.
Experiments and computer simulations involving rectangular membranes show that nodal line patterns can change in unexpected ways in response to variations in mass, stiffness, or applied force.
Forewings with oblique nodal line, apical portion flexing ventrad at this line, basal portion somewhat sub-hyaline, with or without granulate, thicker than apical portion, costal cell without cross veins.
Sc+R in forewings with one branch before subapical transverse nodal line Paralivatiella serrata Qin and Zhang --Sc+R in forewings with branches before subapical transverse nodal line 2 2.
The synthetic and observed waveforms fit very well and nodal lines of P-wave polarities indicated in the same directions.