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v. t.1.To annoy. See Noy.
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Ma non occorre enfatizzare oltre misura l'aspetto ambientale, in quanto questo, come accennato, non e, nel racconto, che lo specchio fedele dell'anima dei protagonisti: indifferenti, insofferenti, disinteressati, impastati di noia.
The Noia Court's statement that federal courts must have the power to review the constitutionality of a petitioner's detention, however, was not a declaration that the federal courts would in fact exercise that power of review in all cases, regardless of whether petitioners complied with state procedural rules.
Father Philip Mulryne, 39, was ordained by Archbishop Augustine Di Noia OP, in St Saviour's Church, Dominick Street, Dublin, at a ceremony attended by family and friends.
Located in Madinat Jumeirah, Segreto has appointed its chef de cuisine chef Francesco Di Noia, who has launched a new Italian menu for the restaurant.
By Randall Luthi, President, National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA), Washington, D.C.
Noia, (156) the Supreme Court rejected the forfeiture rule for appeals.
Mattinson describes his work as ex ploring the "climate of paralysing para noia" that characterised part of the city's history when people accused of being witches, and also wizards, were hanged.
Oysters were collected from natural oyster banks in the Ria de Noia (Galicia, northwest Spain) at the beginning of February, and brought to the hatchery.
Polypharmacy was frequent in adults and older adults, which corroborates with the results from the older adults studied by Noia et al.