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n. sing. &1.Neat cattle.
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Nolt makes the point that the Amish "exchange choice for collective purpose" and "see security as a healthy bargain" (118).
Overall, evidence strongly suggests that implementation of a pediatric fall prevention program using an effective tool such as the Humpty Dumpty Fall Scale can increase healthcare provider awareness of those at risk for falls and reduce the rate of falls for the inpatient pediatric population (Cooper & Nolt, 2007; Harvey et al.
Some don't believe a disease exists until they see it, Nolt said.
Una postura rival que parece tener ciertas intuiciones a su favor es la de Nolt y colaboradores (1998), que senalan lo siguiente:
Nolt spent twenty-five years researching the religion, culture, and history of this community.
It's sort of a three-pronged approach," Nolt told the news site.
According to historians at New Holland, which eventually acquired the design, Nolt worked on his contraption through the winter of 1936-37.
The shed and paddocks to either side hold up to 30 head," Nolt says.
In her Tutor's Column essay, Kim Nolt shares her approach when helping students overcome insecurity and over-dependence on the tutor.
Nolt, Mennonites, Amish, and the American Civil War (Johns Hopkins University Press); Mary Gorton McBride, Randall Lee Gibson of Louisiana (Louisiana State University Press); Richard B.
UT-Knoxville Faculty Senate President John Nolt fears the shortfall will translate into permanent budget reductions, faculty losses and program cuts at UT's flagship campus.