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n.1.(Alg.) A name or term.
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Table 7 Out-of-Sample Pricing Performance of the Models Braun Poly- Major Fermat (2014) Linear nomial in Lane and Capital in EL Ln(EL) (2000) Kreps (2002) Panel A: Calibration Sample: 06/1997-12/2009 (N = 312); Test Sample: 01/2010-12/2012 (N' = 114) ME -34.
Tenders are invited for M S Tube Nomial Bore 125 Mm Bore Black Heavy, Grade Erw Type, Plain Ended In Randam Length 6 Meters I.
On transfer to the large university hospital, his care included repeat MRI of the brain with contrast and continued IV fluids; nomial saline solution 0.
When the denominator of the approximation is a zero degree poly nomial function, the Padee approximation is reduced to a Maclaurin polynomial.
Many avenues of stem cell research focus on determining how genes are turned on and off during the course of nomial development or at the onset of a disease transformation.
Asimismo, el absolutivo se coloca en posicion tematica; ya sea que cargue con la responsabilidad modal de la clausula, como en m) (compuesto por un grupo nomial pronominalizado) o que sea un Complemento en la clausula como intercambio, como en n).
Serum malondialdehit seviyelerinin de psoriazis ciddiyeti ile orantili olarak yukselmis oldugu ve tedavi sonrasi ise nomial seviyelere geriledigi gosterilmistir (61,62).
For the general poly nomial eigenvalue problem a generalization of RQI is less well known.
Summar Results of Pol nomial Curve Fitting with the Full Data Set Linear Quadratic Cubic Model Model Model Number of Cases in Analysis 159 159 159 Number of Missing Cases 0 0 0 R .
Lt] = two-average share of labor in nomial value added
Since logarithmic versions of the full allometric and the poly nomial models are not possible, the power function was fit directly on untransformed data for consistency with the other models.
Anaerobic bacteria are the predominant nomial flora of the human body.