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a.1.Customary; ordinary; - applied to the usual English spelling, in distinction from strictly phonetic methods.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Such are Dithyrambic and Nomic poetry, and also Tragedy and Comedy; but between them the difference is, that in the first two cases these means are all employed in combination, in the latter, now one means is employed, now another.
These amendments, which included important profit-sharing terms and new incentives to court investors, along with other eco- nomic reforms, are likely to be stalled, according to Namane.
It is not merely redefining women's eco- nomic roles, it is reshaping the modern global economy," states Van der Walt.
State planning agency National Eco nomic and Development Authority (Neda) last week urged the government to start preparing for the prolonged wet season due to La Nina while farmers recover from the impact of the dry spell brought by El Nino, which was seen to end by midyear.
"We're experiencing the effects of slow global eco- nomic recovery, lower oil prices and continued regional instability which means eco- nomic confidence in Oman and the wider region is unlikely to improve in the short term," says Ross.
Examining the arguments and counterarguments during these phases reveals participants' spatial imaginaries trained on nomic settings (that is, places with legal meaning) as well as the various contested nomic traces that smoothed the way for legal changes or acted as a barrier to them (Delaney, 2010, pages 71-74).
Although the power theory is increasingly gaining popularity, a vast majority of analytic metaphysicians still favor what is here called the nomic theory--that is, the view according to which what dispositions a property confers on its bearers is contingent on what the laws of nature happen to be.
Kara Bio's nomination committee consists of Anders Lonner (chairman), chairman of the board, representing own holdings; Goran Wessman, representing own holdings (Protem Wessman AB), Johan Paulsson, representing own holdings (JPMP i Visby AB), Leif Edlund, representing Johan Edlund and Per-Anders Johansson, representing own holdings (Nomic AB).
"We believe the power, transport and heat ing sectors can be decarbonised by 2030, but our process industries are reliant on fossil fuels and the loss of these would cause eco nomic harm to the UK.
The report also states that high food inflation has emerged as a major challenge for macroeco- nomic policy in recent years.