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a.1.Customary; ordinary; - applied to the usual English spelling, in distinction from strictly phonetic methods.
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Such are Dithyrambic and Nomic poetry, and also Tragedy and Comedy; but between them the difference is, that in the first two cases these means are all employed in combination, in the latter, now one means is employed, now another.
With such a mixed picture, many believe next year's elections could prove a watershed moment for the country's political and eco- nomic future and a key metric for the IMF.
Such generic nomic settings, Delaney says, are "ideological representations" that shape the law and whose specific instantiations become the law as lived--material and embodied (2010, page 66).
Islamabad -- Pakistan stands at 103 out of 152 countries in economic freedom said Eco nomic Freedom of the World Report 2013.
SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing said: "It shows damaging it major economic hows just how is for the nomic decision-making powers reside with Westminster.
But some of the most ergonomically friendly aftermarket options for lift trucks, such as integrated scales and fork positioners, are not presented expressly as ergo nomic solutions.
Nomic is a self-amending game, meaning that it starts with very basic rules.
LCWR's homepage includes a link to its "Resolutions to Action" section, fea turing an analysis of the current eco nomic crisis with reflection on Catholic social teaching.
It is based on David Lewis' best-system approach to nomic possibility and has been expounded fairly recently by Nick Huggett ('The Regularity Account of Relational Spacetime', Mind 115 [2006]: 41-73).
The state's major drag continues to be unemployment, and Pakko, chief econo-Michael mist and eco nomic forecaster for the Institute for Economic Advancement at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, said the residual effect of the plant closing would entail about 1,500 lost jobs.
The US envoy said that there were a lot of opportuni ties in this eco nomic environment.
The study highlights the eco nomic benefits of investment in water and wastewater on local communities and was widely distributed on Capitol Hill.