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 (nŏm′ə-grăf′, nō′mə-) or nom·o·gram (-grăm′)
1. A graph consisting of three coplanar curves, each graduated for a different variable so that a straight line cutting all three curves intersects the related values of each variable.
2. A chart representing numerical relationships.

[Greek nomos, law; see nem- in Indo-European roots + -graph.]

nom′o·graph′ic adj.
no·mog′ra·phy (nō-mŏg′rə-fē) n.


(ˈnɒməˌɡræm; ˈnəʊmə-) or


1. (Mathematics) an arrangement of two linear or logarithmic scales such that an intersecting straight line enables an intermediate values or values on a third scale to be read off
2. (Mathematics) any graphic representation of numerical relationships
[C20: from Greek nomos law + -gram, on the model of French nomogramme]


(ˈnɒm əˌgræm, ˈnoʊ mə-)

1. a graph usu. containing three parallel scales graduated for different variables so that when a straight line connects values of any two, the related value may be read directly from the third at the point intersected by the line.
2. any similar graph used to show relationships. Also called nom′o•graph` (-ˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)
[1905–10; < French nomogramme; see nomo-, -gram1]
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Noun1.nomogram - a graphic representation of numerical relations
representation - a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something
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(6,8,9) Others have added information to the Gleason-based models into tables or nomograms, which are the current standard of care.
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Many of these actvites were encompassed by applicable formulae and nomograms (13) to allow quick and accurate solutions.
For model presentation, nomograms are a pictorial representation of a complex mathematical formula.[12]
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The anti-Xa assay has shown utility as an alternative to aPTT for measuring UFH, with strong evidence demonstrating the capability of anti-Xa-based dosing nomograms to establish therapeutic anticoagulation faster and maintain therapeutic levels better than aPTT-based nomograms.
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Individual studies with mpMRI have showed that its diagnostic accuracy overcomes nomograms. Gupta et al.
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The use of one or two segments in segmented ICRS or complete rings depends on the type of the keratoconus cone, corneal topography patterns, specially designed nomograms, and the surgeons' experiences.
We developed two reliable nomograms comprising peritumoral inflammation (PIS) and ALBI scores with different HBV-DNA loads for patients who underwent curative resection.