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(ˌnɒn rɪˈdi mə bəl)

1. not redeemable, as for payment: nonredeemable soda bottles.
2. not able to be improved or compensated for: evil, nonredeemable behavior.
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0 million in non-redeemable, non-interest-bearing convertible loan notes from its CD Capital Natural Resources Fund III LP, issued into a private placement by PDZ Holdings Proprietary Ltd, a subsidiary in Prairie which owns its tier one coking coal projects.
However, the final regulatory clearance from RBI was necessary as the merger would involve issue of fresh non-redeemable preference shares to non-resident minority shareholders of Cairn.
PLDT subscribed to non-redeemable convertible notes of iflix in April 2015.
A hedge fund, Pershing Square Holdings Ltd disclosed today that pursuant to a prospectus approved by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (Stichting Autoriteit Financele Markten) or (the AFM), related to the admission of newly issued non-redeemable ordinary shares or public shares for trading on the regulated market operated by Euronext Amsterdam NV, these public shares (ISIN:GG00BPFJTF46) (ticker symbol:PSH) were admitted to listing and trading will commence at 09:00 Amsterdam time.
Non-redeemable glass and metal containers must be pulled from the piles and put in recycling bins.
To add insult to injury they then force you to pay another pound for the use of one of their trolleys where, of course, the money is non-redeemable when you've finished with it.
The Bonds are non-redeemable and do not allow any withdrawals or closure during their respective fixed rate periods.
Clarke and others, these non-redeemable containers are littering neighborhood parks, streets and streams, or are being disposed of in landfills.
This buffer should be formed only from the capital of the first level, the definition of which includes not only ordinary shares and disclosed reserves, but also non-redeemable and non-accumulation of dividends of preference shares.
He also said that the Japanese Government has carried out 100 projects in Tunisia as part of the Programme of non-Redeemable Aid to Local Micro-Projects (APL).
68 million non-redeemable preference shares in its 69 percent-owned insurance unit Mayban Fortis Holdings Berhad from Malaysia's Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) for MYR126m in cash.
Voucher is non-redeemable during major events in the city centre.