fixed asset

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fixed′ as′set

a long-term asset, as a tract of land.
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"The sum of purchase of non-current asset, development expenses and retention fees paid is Sh160 million which differs with the addition of Sh189 million resulting in unexplained difference of Sh28 million," reads the report.Mr Ouko says the net cash flow from operating activities indicated as Sh10.5 million and differed with amount of Sh21 million which was provided in the financial statement.
The new standard could impact all these ratios since the right-to-use asset for lessees will be classified as a non-current asset and the right-to-use liability will be classified into current and long-term liabilities.
The transaction will have no material impact on the current financial results of PKC, which has classified the unit as a non-current asset held for sale and reported as discontinued operations.
In essence, CQ owns the asset, so it's recognised in the statement of financial position as a non-current asset and depreciated over its useful life: five years.
* Gain/Losses on Sales of Farm Capital Assets--record of the difference between the cash received for the sale of machinery, equipment, or other non-current asset and the value of that asset on the balance sheet on the day that it was sold.
The PKC Electronics business has been classified as a non-current asset held for sale and reported as discontinued operations as of Q1 2016 Interim Statement.
The balance sheet should report the costs of a perennial crop during the development phase as a non-current asset. The allocation of these costs occurs over the estimated life of the plants.
The loss was due to a "very poor performance of the advertisement and printing markets" in combination with extraordinary impairments of intangible and non-current asset for a total of DKK64.1m.
From the data given in the question it is easy to notice that the Southern division's non-current asset values are higher, since the assets have been acquired more recently than the Northern division.
The figure of 500,000 [pounds sterling] has been arrived at after charging depreciation of 25,000 [pounds sterling] ayear on a non-current asset bought for 100,000 [pounds sterling] on the first day of X's first year.
Three main financing options also apply to a company when it is acquiring a non-current asset: buy the asset outright with cash; borrow to fund the purchase; or lease the asset.