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That which the immune system identifies as foreign to the body.


1. (Philosophy) (in philosophy) that which is not the 'self', that is the external world
2. (Physiology) immunol matter which is foreign to a particular body, thus triggering an immune response when it enters the body
(Physiology) immunol of or pertaining to what is foreign to the body



any antigen-bearing foreign material that enters the body and normally stimulates an attack by the body's immune system (disting. from self).
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there is very little probability of encountering a non-self gamete, and the costs of gamete wastage are high--self-fertilization may be advantageous even with high inbreeding depression, because it would increase fitness to produce some offspring ratherthan none (Escobar et al., 2011).
The non-ad valorem obligations include an anti-dilution test requiring the total amount of non-ad valorem revenues to be greater than two times the maximum debt service on all non-self supporting debt and obligations paid from non-ad valorem revenues.
The most frequent influencing factor the nurses encountered was non-self initiated communication by a coworker during medication preparation.
Antibodies have evolved as a mechanism to protect the body from invading organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites; and when they function appropriately, antibodies result in the recognition of these infectious agents as "non-self" and the labeling of them for ultimate destruction by other components of the immune system.
In both rodents and humans, these proteins vary between individuals, and allow the immune system to distinguish between 'self' and 'non-self.' They play a role, for example, in rejecting transplanted organs and in defending against cancer and virus infections.
It is the timeless present one has to experience as a 'non-self' to become enlightened.
In BIS, antigens can be either self or non-self. They correspond to network access patterns that are either normal or abnormal in IDS.
A healthy immune system is capable of recognizing diverse enemies by differentiating self cells from non-self cells.
Understanding diseases in which the body's immune system fails to distinguish between the "self" and the "non-self" has come to include study of autoantibodies, immune proteins that damage specific tissues.
, a 35ft 6in Liverpool Class, non-self righting vessel, powered by a 35hp Weyburn AE6 petrol engine, after being launched at Seahouses by the Duchess of Northumberland ...
In recent years, its mission work has focused on assisting non-self supporting parishes.