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1. Identifying as having a gender that corresponds to the sex one has been assigned at birth; not transgender.
2. Of or relating to cisgender people.
A person who is cisgender.

[cis- + gender (on the model of transgender).]
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Support for that approach began to erode in recent years, with increased recognition and led by the EEOC, that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, like non-gay and non-trans people, are covered by the Civil Rights Act.
A 2015 study of eight male to female trans runners found their race times slowed down to an extent that they retained no advantage over non-trans women.
Hollywood has come under increasing criticism for celebrating trans stories played by non-trans stars, while failing to cast transgender actors.
Choreographer Katy Pyle, a cisgender (non-trans) dancer, addresses this dilemma in her Brooklyn-based company Ballez by including a spectrum of gender identities and roles (such as a "Tranimal," a creature that's part bird and part man as the title character in her Firebird).
Non-trans folks still don't get that transgender people just want regular lives, jobs, relationships, and rights; and to be treated with a little dignity.
Those who chose yes were considered as trans, those responding otherwise were considered as cisgender (non-trans and may include genderqueer individuals who do not consider themselves as trans).
* With respect to youth, of those studied: 90 per cent reported being subjected to transphobic comments frequently, often daily; 23 per cent of students reported that teachers directed transphobic comments at them; 25 per cent of students reported physical harassment; 36 per cent had been physically threatened or injured in the past year; 9 per cent had been threatened or injured with a weapon; 33 per cent said they had been bullied through the Internet in the past year; and trans youth are more than twice as likely as their non-trans counterparts to consider suicide.
From this rhetorical question, I dare to claim that medical discourse, by naming as "trans" our peculiar way of living, of claiming existence, has automatically named the other way, its way, non-trans, as "cis", leaving to us only the task of thinking ways of making the two images proposed, something-that-crosses and something-that-avoids-crossing, translate themselves into more tangible meanings.
O'Connor ruled that non-trans students shouldn't have to use the same bathroom as their trans counterparts.
Transgender Americans are twice as likely as their cisgender (non-trans) peers to serve in the Armed Forces, according to a study's findings released by the Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles' School of Law.
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