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1. Lack of violence.
2. The doctrine, policy, or practice of rejecting violence in favor of peaceful tactics as a means of gaining political objectives.

non·vi′o·lent adj.
non·vi′o·lent·ly adv.


abstention from the use of physical force to achieve goals
nonˈviolent adj
nonˈviolently adv


(nɒnˈvaɪ ə ləns)

1. absence or lack of violence.
2. the policy or practice of refraining from the use of violence, as in protesting oppressive authority.
non•vi′o•lent, adj.
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Noun1.nonviolence - peaceful resistance to a government by fasting or refusing to cooperatenonviolence - peaceful resistance to a government by fasting or refusing to cooperate
direct action - a protest action by labor or minority groups to obtain their demands
hunger strike - a voluntary fast undertaken as a means of protest
Satyagraha - the form of nonviolent resistance initiated in India by Mahatma Gandhi in order to oppose British rule and to hasten political reforms
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Footage of the altercation was uploaded on Facebook by the Brighton Hunt Saboteurs, a group dedicated to "protecting wildlife through non-violent direct action,"  (http://www.
As far as how others can get involved in fighting for what they believe politically, Newsome believes the first course of action is to act at the local level: "It's important for people to know that there is still power in non-violent direct action.
The organisation's website states they are a non-violent direct action group seeking to end the building and expanding of illegal Israeli settlements through non-violent popular struggle and civil resistance.
We always advocate for non-violent direct action, and I hope the police get the message when they plan their own actions," Sketchley added.
Mered was a committed campaigner for the Welsh language and was an advocate of non-violent direct action.
The lesson plan made rich use of strategies and materials from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, an interracial organization headquartered in New York that utilized multiple forms of non-violent direct action to achieve social change (Gilmore 2008).
LANGUAGE campaigners say that unless the Government introduces policies to protect Welsh they will start non-violent direct action.
This is a distributed day of non-violent direct action on the day this country was ushered in to facilitate a moment for people to really bring it back to how we are going to reconcile Canada's scandalous and controversial colonial history; how we are going to move forward and take lessons from the past," said Thomas Muller.
Our Shut it Down women's affinity group engages in a non-violent direct action campaign that began in 2005.
People today, myself included, took peaceful non-violent direct action only after exhausting every other means of protest available to us.
All were members of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) dedicated to non-violent direct action against racial discrimination.
Some advocate boycotts, divestment and sanctions, others promote non-violent direct action in the occupied lands, or organising politically to challenge the US.