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prop. n.1.The Fate who spins the thread of life; counterpart of Greek Clotho.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Do nothing of the kind," said Don Quixote; "remember the true story of the licentiate Torralva that the devils carried flying through the air riding on a stick with his eyes shut; who in twelve hours reached Rome and dismounted at Torre di Nona, which is a street of the city, and saw the whole sack and storming and the death of Bourbon, and was back in Madrid the next morning, where he gave an account of all he had seen; and he said moreover that as he was going through the air, the devil bade him open his eyes, and he did so, and saw himself so near the body of the moon, so it seemed to him, that he could have laid hold of it with his hand, and that he did not dare to look at the earth lest he should be seized with giddiness.
He concluded, "therapies such as whole body and local cryotherapy, infrared and red light saunas and pods, float therapy, compression, and vibration systems, are just some of the things that are still very new to the health and medical industries, but is now available in Oviedo, Lake Nona and the surrounding Central Florida areas."
During their weekly phone chats, Nona told her about cubanos.
Nona, of the Canadian Forestry Corps, died at Stirling Royal Infirmary on July 7, 1918, from pneumonia.
EVANS Nona Tudor (nee Phillips), Peacefully on Saturday 22 September, aged 83.
Nona introduced the wonderful Bautista and Saldana families, including the grand dame, Celine's 97-year-old mom, dona Rufina Saldana.
Gordon added that the Manila Bulletin donation will be distributed to victims of Nona in Occidental Mindoro.
Following the experience, on December 18, Masri donated Dh75,000, money he had saved in five years to buy his dream Porsche, to help build a home for a Filipino family affected by Typhoon Nona.
Unstoppable and implacable but with Nona's glorious vocals reverbing around and over the hum.
In their desperate attempt to escape capture, Nona and her bear encounter two strange boys, Caius and Jay.