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n.1.Refusal of acquiescence; failure to yield or comply.
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The Service, in its nonacquiescence, cites the Supreme Court's General Dynamics decision to the effect that a taxpayer cannot deduct "an estimate of an anticipated expense .
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260) Professor Fan contrasts the marijuana example with federal officials' express nonacquiescence in state laws purporting to nullify federal firearms restrictions.
43) The Secretary could also have followed a policy of nonacquiescence towards the court's rulings.
Under intercircuit nonacquiescence, agencies adopt separate and
In this role, the state-party has less incentive to meet a CCJA decision with nonacquiescence than if it had lost a case, except to the extent that establishing and maintaining effective enforcement procedures require political will and expenditure.
There are different implications: for Furani, a secular poetics can also risk alienating its audience and creating a hierarchy of the senses, whereas in Dowdy's account, poetry is primarily a form of nonacquiescence to an all-pervasive "market logic" (Dowdy 2013, 120).
Rooney, Comment, Nonacquiescence by the Securities and Exchange Commission: Its Relevance to the Nonacquiescence Debate, 140 U.
Social Security Administration Nonacquiescence on the Standard for Evaluating Pain," by Erin Margaret Masson.
245) In short, they believe the FEC should cease enforcing the regulation in order to avoid enmeshing itself in "'serious statutory and constitutional questions' raised by intercircuit nonacquiescence.
Diller & Nancy Morawetz, Intracircuit Nonacquiescence and the