n.1.A failure to make claim within the time limited by law; omission of claim.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Notice under a nonclaim statute does not make a creditor a party to the proceeding; it merely notifies him that he may become one if he wishes.
(41) However, the regulations apparently include no adjustments to reflect that plans with higher average deductibles tend to have lower MLRs because nonclaim expenses grow at a slower rate than expected medical reimbursement.
The circuit court ruled that the association's challenge to the tax d eed was barred by the statute of nonclaim provided for in F.S.
The balance sheet lists the Anaconda Group of mines (claim names and interests listed), the Mountain Con or Syndicate Group of mines, the Union Con or Walkerville Group of mines, the Camp Creek Group of mines, the Ground Squirrel Group of mines, the Anglo Saxon Group of mines, detached mining claims, nonclaim assets of the mine groups, a new sampling mill in Butte, an old sampling mill and site in Butte, the Bell smelter site of forty acres, a 320-acre ranch in Jefferson County, Montana, silica claims at Dillon, Montana, land and improvements in Anaconda and vicinity including the upper and lower works, subsidiary companies including the Turtle Mfg.
Typical language (usually found in the definition of "claim") describing such a covered nonclaim may be:
Pope,(144) in which it held that the state's participation in activating and enforcing a nonclaim statute gave rise to a violation of due process by a collection agency.
Figures 10 through 12 show the cumulative nonclaim termination rates through December 31, 1993, for MMIF 30-year- and 15-year-term, fixed-rate mortgages and for ARMs.
As a summary, our model provides a less severe postclaim malus, as well as a less generous nonclaim bonus than that induced by the negative binomial model (a similar result is obtained for the linear credibility premium; see also Pinquet, Guillen, and Bolance, 2001).
(52) This statute is considered a statute of "nonclaim," (53) and the timeframes cannot be waived or enlarged.
In the process I also noted frequent elements that seemed best described as explicit nonclaim content.
These actuarial studies have, in turn, been based on the results of actuarial/econometric models of the claim and nonclaim termination (e.g., prepayment) experience of the MMIF.