a.1.Not coincident.
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In addition, three instances of confirmed LACV encephalitis were identified in children residing at the same residence, but during different years (spatially linked noncoincident cases).
In this paper, my aim is to work toward an argument that landscape names a not-belonging, through which "earth" and "experience" can be understood as noncoincident with themselves and each other.
It is known from Figures 2 and 3 that the cyclic loading and unloading curves of the rock samples do not coincide in the same cycle, and the unloading curve and the reloading curve are also substantially noncoincident. The loading and unloading curves form a hysteresis loop.
By assuming that for a set of discrete points on Euclidean plane P = {[p.sub.1], [p.sub.2], ..., [p.sub.n]}, where any two arbitrary points are noncoincident (i.e., [p.sub.i] [not equal to] [P.sub.j], i [not equal to] j, 1 [less than or equal to] i, j [less than or equal to] n) and any four arbitrary points are nonconcyclic, V ([P.sub.1]) ...
No matter what relative position two vehicles are at, if two images acquired by two vehicles have noncoincident centers, then the fundamental matrix F is the unique 3*3 rank 2 homogeneous matrix which satisfies [27]
2015b) [PM.sub.2.5] RS [r.sup.2] = 0.49 (noncoincident); [r.sup.2] = 01-06 0.59; 1 - ?
Gupta, Flow and stability of a second grade fluid between two parallel plates rotating about noncoincident axes, Int.
On the other hand, the rule-of-thumb approach misses a lot of detail about the types of buildings being constructed or demolished, load profiles of buildings compared to renewable options, and coincident versus noncoincident loads.
Abbott and Walters [16] studied the hydrodynamic flow between two disks, rotating with the same angular velocity about noncoincident axes.
Once again, an analytical solution was formulated by Banerjee and Fisher [25] to model a uniform, axially loaded, cantilevered beam with flexural-torsional coupling as a result of noncoincident shear and mass centers.
If the manifold element to be calculated is [N.sub.1] x [N.sub.2] and the number of degrees of freedom is ([N.sub.1] + 3) x ([N.sub.2] + 3), the noncoincident points need to be regenerated in the directions of x, y to obtain the final nodes ([x.sub.i], [y.sub.j]), i = 1,2, ..., [N.sub.1] + 3, and j = 1,2, ..., [N.sub.2] + 3.
(i) for M > [M.sub.e], we find a geometry with noncoincident inner and outer horizons [r.sub.-] < [r.sub.+].