a.1.Not condensible; incapable of being liquefied; - said of gases.
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Although the water was completely evaporated, the pressure increased by the molten corium concrete interaction (MCCI), which, in turn, released a large amount of the gases such as noncondensible gases, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen.
Importantly, the capillary condensation separation mode of the membrane prohibits the transfer of noncondensible gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.
Maintaining open communication, receiver-to-condenser outlet provides for this desired low condensate temperature, eliminates parallel condenser drainage problems and provides best noncondensible separation and purging without interruption of operation and with least effect on condensing pressure.
Contents include: introduction and principles of chemical recovery, evaporation and concentration of black liquor, noncondensible gases, tall oil soap recovery, chemical recovery and process chemistry, chemical recovery equipment, cooking liquor preparation, and lime reburning: the rotary lime kiln.
The kinds and amounts of noncondensible gases in the "gas plus loss" fraction are not determined.
Its internal air vent provides rapid and complete venting of air and noncondensible gases on start-up for reduced process times.
Hansen's Auto-Purger[R]M for halocarbons (APMF) is a totally automatic, electronically-controlled, noncondensible gas refrigerant purger.
That's because the APM for purging noncondensible gases now meets Canadian CSA and European CE standards.
The rate of decomposition during operation affects the need for makeup and the need for removal of the noncondensible gases which are the products of decomposition.
Today, vent gases collected from all tanks go to the noncondensible gas (NCG) system of a mill, according to Jaakkola.
Offers New Literature On Auto-Purger[R] Noncondensible Gas Purger
Hansen Technologies Corporation is a full-line refrigeration controls manufacturer supplying pressure regulators, solenoid valves, shut-off valves, refrigerant level transducer probes, noncondensible refrigerant gas (air) purgers, and other state-of-the-art components for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.