a.1.(Steam Engine) Not condensing; discharging the steam from the cylinder at a pressure nearly equal to or above that of the atmosphere and not into a condenser.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For a noncondensing boiler, a means of protecting the boiler must be provided.
The results of this study suggest chlorine gas plays an important role in the degradation of noble metal finishes like immersion silver (ImAg) and electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) and may exacerbate lateral creep corrosion development of unprotected copper areas in a noncondensing MFG environment.
Steam Turbines Market by Type (Steam Cycle, Combined Cycle and Cogeneration), by Rated Capacity (1-120 MW, 121-350 MW, 351-750 MW and Above 750 MW), by Exhaust Type (Condensing and Noncondensing), by Application (Coal, Nuclear, Biomass and Others) and by Region (Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Middle East & Africa) - Global Trends and Forecasts to 2020
The first criterion is, within 6 months, a person has strong, persistent, strong sexual behaviours, urges, or fantasies regarding either nonhuman objects, humiliation or suffering of oneself or others, or toward noncondensing persons or children (APA).
Operating temperatures are -4 to 122 F with 0-95 percent RH, noncondensing. All ASD units are designed for UL, CUL and CE Approval.
An internal dehumidifier maintains the glove box at noncondensing moisture levels, allowing instrumentation, such as microscopes, to be used inside the glove box.
Other environmental benefits include green features engineered into the new buildings, as reported on the airport's Web site: recycled and regionally manufactured construction materials, including steel, aluminum, and concrete fly ash, plus 17,500 square feet of flooring; energy-efficient elevators and moving walkways; high-efficiency, noncondensing boilers; lighting controls using photocells, occupancy sensors, and time switches; and water-conserving restrooms.
Study on noncondensing air-conditioning system performance when combining a desiccant cooling system with a [CO.sub.2] heat pump.
Voltage (3V)+hand solder residues+dirty bare boards+moisture at 65% RH DC not completely heat-activated HASL flux noncondensing = Dendrite (metallic short)
His entry, "A NonCondensing Toilet Tank Apparatus," was considered by the judges to be a good idea with clever engineering.
HAST is performed in a special chamber that provides noncondensing humidity at temperatures higher than 100[degrees]C and pressures greater than atmospheric.