n.1.(British House of Lords) One who gives a negative vote; - sometimes abridged into noncon. or non con.
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Second, "content" and "noncontent" information is generated by Ana's use of Outlook to send the email, and Microsoft must store that information on a server, which is located in a datacenter.
(236) Thus, just as a content-neutral regulation is valid so long as it is tailored to the permissible noncontent aim and does not have excessive impermissible content-based effects, (237) regulation of commercial data collection, itself a permissible aim, should at a minimum be permitted so long as the regulation is tailored to that aim and does not have excessive effects on the ability of individuals to collect information.
It treats access to the contents of a communication and to noncontent records of communications differently.
When this is done, all content and most noncontent information associated with the account is deleted from servers in the United States." (citation omitted)).
What was discovered was that noncontent, non-skills-based strategies used by students when they were being assessed had a statistically significant impact on the scores in several instances.
range of noncontent information from service providers, including their
To build on the current study, future researchers could assess how instance document users value assurance provided by other noncontent assurance providers such as non-CPA, independent third parties.
2007) ("The Smith line of cases has led federal courts to uniformly conclude that internet users have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their subscriber information, the length of their stored files, and other noncontent data to which service providers must have access.").
The repertoire of noncontent uses has enlarged, but much remains the same.
Although these are the same topics cited by the instructors at each university, a greater percentage of students listed noncontent specific concepts, such as learning skills, using new technologies, research, and personal skill development.
According to The Times, the government sought their information from Twitter without a search warrant under 18 USC 2703(d), a 1994 amendment to the Stored Communications Act that allows law enforcement access to noncontent Internet records without demonstrating the "probable cause" needed for a traditional search warrant.