a.1.Not contributing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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According to the request, the property was rated as "noncontributing" in a historical preservation report.
The district comprises 1,751 properties constructed between 1910 and 1987, consisting of 1,315 contributing buildings,four contributing sites, seven contributing objects, 436 noncontributing buildings, and six buildings and one site, Laurelhurst Park, already listed in the national register.
The council declared the monument of Confederate soldiers a "noncontributing structure for the historic overlay district."
As a general matter, the remedial method ensures that built-in gain in contributed property is allocated to the contributor over the property's recovery period by way of allocations of remedial income to the contributor that offset allocations of remedial depreciation or amortization to noncontributing partners to reflect the noncontributing partners' allocable share of the economic depreciation or amortization of the property under Sec.
Although not all these members actively contribute content, presumably some (if not many) of the noncontributing members still browse the groups and learn passively in that manner.
An incarcerated 43-year-old male with noncontributing past medical history presented to the Emergency Department (ED) via Emergency Medical Services (EMS) complaining of dysphagia and pain in his urethra.
His medical and personal histories were noncontributing. On general examination, patient's palpebral conjunctiva was pale, signifying anemia and the finger nails were spoon shaped (koilonychia).
There are two types of membership: (1) Noncontributing Members (Penerima Bantuan Iuran or PBI) which includes the poor, near-poor and people who are not able to pay the contribution; (5) and (2) Contributing Members (or non-PBI) which can be further sub-divided into the following three categories: (i) wage recipients (and their family members); (ii) non-wage recipients employed in the informal sector (and their family members); and (iii) retirees and veterans (and their family members).
During the state exploration, noncontributing actions could be ruled out as far as possible.
It has been called 'missing heritability', and this missing heritability might be attributed to the genetic relationships diluted by noncontributing markers (Ryoo and Lee, 2014) and to the inflated heritability from shared environmental factors (Zuk et al., 2012).
A Buckingham Palace spokesman said last night that the jobs came with a free lunch every day as well as a "generous" 15% noncontributing pension plan.
The so-called "ceiling rule," which applies under the traditional method for making section 704(c) allocations, can misallocate income, gain, loss, and deduction to both a partner contributing property and to noncontributing partners.