a.1.Not contributing.
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It has been called 'missing heritability', and this missing heritability might be attributed to the genetic relationships diluted by noncontributing markers (Ryoo and Lee, 2014) and to the inflated heritability from shared environmental factors (Zuk et al.
A Buckingham Palace spokesman said last night that the jobs came with a free lunch every day as well as a "generous" 15% noncontributing pension plan.
the nominal and noncontributing nature of the land to the conservation
The so-called "ceiling rule," which applies under the traditional method for making section 704(c) allocations, can misallocate income, gain, loss, and deduction to both a partner contributing property and to noncontributing partners.
Displaced workers habituate themselves into becoming noncontributing individuals.
When determining the value of items allocated to the noncontributing partners, the partnership's basis in the contributed property is treated as being equal to its FMV at the time of contribution.
Many of those noncontributing states, in addition, will play an analog and complementary lobbying role in other regulatory fields.
You can get rid of a lot of noncontributing members but also contributing members.
When the social insurance criterion is used to identify informal dependent workers, the share of noncontributing employees in the new member states (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, and Slovakia) who have at least a secondary education is 70% and higher.
The firm said the company's goal is to divest $25 million of noncontributing, nonstrategic assets "to help de-lever the balance sheet by the end of the calendar year.
Casella said it wants to divest $25 million of noncontributing, nonstrategic assets by year's end.
Given that consequences should accompany inept work performance, the leader and the remaining group member can opt to evict a derelict member, which would be similar to removing a noncontributing employee from a work team.