fixed asset

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fixed′ as′set

a long-term asset, as a tract of land.
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The book value of the current and noncurrent assets and liabilities considering the possible impairment losses of some receivables would be used to determine the final settlement amount, the disclosure said.
For other acquisitions in which the consideration is less than the amount of net position acquired, the excess net position should be eliminated by reducing the noncurrent assets (other than financial assets) that are acquired.
After further adjusting for impairments of noncurrent assets, as well as gains and losses on asset sales, underlying retail operating income leapt 19.
It also requires disclosure, for each reportable segment (if the amounts are included in the determination of segment assets, or otherwise are reviewed by the chief operating decision maker), of the amount of investment in associates and joint ventures accounted for by the equity method, and the total expenditures for additions to noncurrent assets other than financial instruments, deferred tax assets, postemployment benefit assets and rights arising under insurance contracts.
GAAP on business combinations; noncurrent assets held for sale and discontinued operations; and accounting for costs associated with exit or disposal activities.
Thus, it discusses debt and equity financing prior to noncurrent assets.
121 requires entities to consider whether noncurrent assets have been impaired and provides guidance in measuring impairment losses for both noncurrent assets held for sale and noncurrent assets held for use.
Noncurrent assets include utility deposits, deferred income taxes, property and equipment, less depreciation costs.
0 million) from sales of noncurrent assets and JPY 1,725 million (US$21.
The assumed facts are: Purchase Transaction Information: Scenario A Scenario B Scenario C Purchase price (cash) $1,000,000 $725,000 $1,000,000 Acquisition expenses (cash) 31,000 31,000 31,000 Contingent consideration (based on future earnings) -- -- 82,000 Percent of affiliate shares acquired 100% 100% 100% Acquired Net Assets (at fair value) Current assets 415,000 415,000 415,000 Tangible noncurrent assets $1,200,000 $1,200,000 $1,200,000 In-process R&D (with no alternative uses) -- -- 67,000 Liabilities -780,000 -780,000 -780,000 Acquired net assets $835,000 $835,000 $902,000 To simplify the presentation, differences between Statement no.