fixed asset

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fixed′ as′set

a long-term asset, as a tract of land.
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million due to the posting of gain on sales of noncurrent assets.
According to the decision, Selectium Bulgaria will take over HP Bulgaria's current hardware support contracts, and will acquire control over part of the company's noncurrent assets, including hardware, machinery, office equipment, motor vehicles, etc.
Here are some June 30 "other real estate owned" numbers with a ratio of noncurrent assets plus OREO to assets for perspective:
Therefore, company's assets are divided into noncurrent assets (NCA) and current assets (CA).
This was due to the increase in Current Assets by 5.4% and increase in Noncurrent Assets by 10.4%.
The company also has restricted cash of 23.1 million located on the consolidated balance sheet under noncurrent assets as of Dec.
Several studies show that recognition of impairment losses in noncurrent assets was carried out by entities before accounting standardization agencies established specific recognition and measurement criteria.
The book value of the current and noncurrent assets and liabilities considering the possible impairment losses of some receivables would be used to determine the final settlement amount, the disclosure said.
The first priority concerned the impairment of noncurrent assets. The ESMA collected data on European companies during early 2013 and determined that many of those companies continued to generate lower cash flows than expected from acquisitions occurring during the heights of the financial crisis.
Conversely, if the amount of consideration was less than the value of what was acquired, the amounts reported for noncurrent assets (other than investments reported at fair value) would need to be reduced accordingly.