n.1.Want or failure of discovery.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Using set criteria instead of a distribution-based cutoff for identifying "presence" of the environmental chemical or using a range of cutoffs for determining when an individual is "exposed" (Bell and Edwards 2014) may be desirable to adjust the false nondiscovery rate (Genovese and Wasserman 2002; Sarkar 2002; Storey 2003).
Still, one common characteristic was nondiscovery of the poisoning effects until many days after initiation of the contamination process.
According to the February 1847 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Neptune's continued nondiscovery preserved for the years 1845 and 1846 "an importance which belongs to no period except that of the announcement of the theory of gravitation and of the publication of the Principia."
or in place of presumptive nondiscovery of inaccessible data per Rule
dance of nondiscovery that, for Graham and others (like Amnions and
For, although this custom at first blush seems to have been introduced in consideration of mean time during which the one who received the money in Milan and was going to restore it at the Lyons market made use of the money received; nonetheless, it occurs to more penetrating investigators that this custom could have been introduced because of the discovery or nondiscovery of money changers holding on to contracts of potential sale or because of the plurality or fewness of them.
that the probability of nondiscovery is critical to your recommendation.
nondiscovery motions to certify, under risk of potentially serious
But of course the neocon lobby here, through such willing conduits as Senator Norm Coleman, the New York Sun and that diva of drivel from the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, Claudia Rosett, have hyped the oil-for-food "scandal" as a way of somersaulting the war lobby past the great disaster of 2004, the nondiscovery of WMDs.
The discovery of this contrivance would doubtless be a pedagogical disaster, and yet its nondiscovery, Godwin implies, might prove even worse.
A proactive digital agent searches the system for the existence of prespecified conditions and takes specific actions upon discovery or nondiscovery.