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n.1.(Bot.) A coarse umbelliferous plant (Ligusticum actæifolium) with a large aromatic root. It is found chiefly in the Alleghany region. Also called Angelico.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In March last year, student activist Abdul Nondo was kidnapped and found injured.
This kind of affiliation was found in the USA (Fallahi, 2011); in Common wealth Independent countries (Apergis & Payne, 2009), in Turkey (Fuinhas & Marques, 2012) in developed countries (Akkemik & Goksal, 2012), in a number of developed and developing countries (Geng et al., 2007), in Sub-Saharan African countries (Kahsai, Nondo, Schaeffer, & Gebremedhin, 2012), in Russia (Meng, Guo, Chai, & Zhang, 2011), in Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania (Ozturk & Acaravci, 2010) and in the Pacific Island Countries (Bowden & Payne, 2009).
Of the 26 Catchment Areas in Mbala District, nine were selected: Kaka, Kamuzwazi, Kawimbe, Mambwe Mission, Mbala Urban, Mpande, Nondo, Senga and Tulemane.
When her father, the ruler of the Nondo and Mataba kingdoms in Angola died, Nzinga's brother became the country's leader.
For instance, Nondo and Kahsai (2009) investigated the long-run relationship between total energy consumption and economic growth for a panel of 19 African countries.
A December 1989 workshop organised by the Departments of Curriculum Studies and Religious Studies, Classics and Philosophy of the University of Zimbabwe as well as the Faculty of Theology of the Utrecht University (Holland), explored ways of integrating different religions into the Religious Education curriculum (Nondo, 1991).
(2.) Mbwambo ZH, Moshi MJ, Masimba PJ, Kapingu MC, Nondo RS.
Newlawn Berts set the standard with a game front running success over Blackmagic Jamie (9.00) in their respective first round heat, but Patsy Cusack's dog will need to look very sharp at the start drawn alongside the equally pacey Noirs Nondo. Should the pair come together rounding the opening couple of turns, Ernie Gaskin's charge wont need a second invitation to take advantage.
Shabani Nondo, David Bentley and Savage's replacement Aaron Mokoena all missed chances for Rovers.
Hughes needs Friedel's big-game experience with Brett Emerton (hamstring) and Jason Roberts (foot) ruled out and Morten Gamst Pedersen (ankle) and Shabani Nondo (shin) doubtful.
Morten Gamst Pedersen (ankle) and Shabani Nondo (shin) are both doubtful but Robbie Savage could return.