(ˌnɒn fʊlˈfɪl mənt)

1. neglect or failure to fulfill or carry out as required.
2. lack of fulfillment.
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And it is proposed to carry out a bigger control of tax performance of the taxpayers, on behalf of the tax Administrations, in order to discourage the population from nonfulfillment. The Constitutional Court should also declare the unconstitutionality of the cases classified as tax fraud that are opposed with the principles of the tax regime and principles of the proper process defined in the Constitution of the Republic of the Ecuador.
Other grounds for PSA termination include event of default, nonfulfillment of condition to effective date, certain events of force majeure, expiration of term, upon mutual agreement and change in circumstances.
There's a sense of nonfulfillment you experience when you don't read for a day, when you don't enhance your knowledge or just learn something new.
907 Code of Civil Procedure, which establishes that for the nonfulfillment of the obligations to do or not to do it cannot be granted periodical payment damages.
At the moment of death, or the end of history, the uncertainty surrounding our fulfillment and nonfulfillment changes over to certainty.
It shows no remorse for his glaring nonfulfillment of electoral promises and his gross aggravation of the problems that afflict the people,' Sison said.
It is simultaneously an intellectual, political and emotional work revealed in the realization of nonfulfillment of even conventional social sciences (3).
The basis of such a proceeding, which could be initiated by the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) before the SC, is the supposed nonfulfillment of the requirements of the post as set by the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), suspended lawyer Eligio Mallari said.
The majority of judges have also declared that Article 62 (1) (f) of the constitution will be applied on the nonfulfillment of legal obligations by any parliamentarian.
'The Philippines will experience impaired international relations due to nonfulfillment of international commitment as an Asean member country,' Herbosa said, adding that the country would be perceived as an uncooperative jurisdiction.
very little difference between nonfulfillment and intrusion in applying
"Nonconformity means the nonfulfillment of a specified requirement."