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n.1.A vernier.
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Todestage des Erasmus von Rotterdam, herausgegeben von der Historischen und Antiquarischen Gesellschaft zu Basel (Basel 1936) 228-259; 242: nr 286: Nonius Marcellus, Festus Pompeius.
Additionally, each subject's blood flow and skin temperature was measured using a Laser Doppler Blood Flow Monitor (Moor instruments DRT4, UK) and a skin temperature biofeedback (Myomed 342 Enraf Nonius, USA) respectively over the muscle belly of ECRB for a duration of 5 minutes before starting the experiment to serve as baseline data and re-measured again immediately after completion of the experimental condition.
08 In Image C, if the right eye views the bottom nonius bar and the left eye the top bar, which of the following options is most the likely diagnosis?
Pasiphaeidae) Total Prey Items 29,415 100 (a) nonius borealis DML and mass estimated using regression equations courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Food Habits Lab (unpublished) (b) Gonatopsis borealis (southern form) dorsal mantle length (DML) and mass estimated using regression equations in Walker and others (2002) (c) Vampyroteuthis infernalis upper hood length in mm.
In the active group a TENS device (ENRAF NONIUS Model, four electrodes ) with a frequency of 0100/HZ and 90-100 pulse /seconds was applied for 20 minutes, to increase circulation and to have pain relief at the first day of menstrual complaints without taking any analgesics.
The 48-year-old has teamed up with leading historians for the protest over the recently unearthed grave of Marcus Nonius Macrinus.
Among the topics are the term dike in Sophocles, whether menstrual blood was an unspeakable impurity in ancient Rome, Mytilene's embassy to Tarraco as an example of diplomacy in the Greek poleis of Asia Minor, Lucan's Punic War in the Disticha Catonis, an echo from Nonius Marcellus in Aldhelm's Enigmata, and the liber exulis in John Gower's 1381 Visio Anglie (Vox clamantis 1.
38) The source glosses refer to standard texts for rhetoric, including Cicero's De oratore, Epistolae familiares, and Orationes, Quintilian's Institutio oratoria, Aulus Gellius's Noctes Atticae, Valerius Maximus's Factorum et dictorum memorabilium libri IX, the letters of Pliny the Younger, Nonius Marcellus's De compendiosa doctrina, Pompeius Festus's De verborum significatu, and the grammatical works attributed to Probus.
ainsi que Varron, Quintilien, Suetone, AuluGelle, Nonius, le commentaire virgilien de Servius et son amplification, celui de Donat a Terence, les scholies a Horace de Porphyrion et du Pseudo-Acron, le commentaire de Stace par Lactance Placide.