lossy compression

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los´sy com`pres´sion

n.1.(Computers) The compression of binary data into a form which, when it is re-expanded, has most, but not all, of the original information. It is used primarily for compression of images and sounds, and is designed to provide a high degree of compression at the cost of a slight loss of data. It is expemplified by the JPEG compression standard. Images compressed by a lossy compression algorithm are re-expanded into an image close, but not identical to the original image; the difference between the original and the reconstructed image may be imperceptible to normal viewing by the eye.
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Making its worldwide debut at IBC 2013 is EDIUS 7, the latest version of Grass Valley's nonlinear video editing application.
The UltraStor RS8 SS is ideal for SD, HD, 2K video editing, multi-track video streaming process, nonlinear video editing, and media & asset libraries.
The New York Times technology columnist introduces iMovie 08 as a nonlinear video editing software program for home videos shot with a digital camcorder or still camera.
State-of-the-art campus facilities include a Virtual Nursing Learning Center, VisBox virtual-learning system, theater, nonlinear video editing lab, a campus radio station, 16-inch computer-controlled reflecting telescope, DNA sequencing, weather station with Doppler Radar, and Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources that is equipped with a robotic book-retrieval system.
You can buy a digital videocam for a few hundred dollars, a high-definition videocam for $2,000, and pretty good nonlinear video editing software for $100--and either OurMedia or the Internet Archive will host appropriately licensed video for free.