a.1.Not carrying on manufactures.
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Regional nonmanufacturing activity in October grew at nearly the same pace as last month but remained subdued, according to firms responding to this months Nonmanufacturing Business Outlook Survey.
They focus on the manufacturing industry, which produces many tradable goods, and they look at how many nonmanufacturing jobs are gained or lost in the metropolitan area in response to an increase or decrease in the number of manufacturing jobs.
The manufacturing sector is optimistic about growth this year, with revenues expected to increase in 17 industries, and the nonmanufacturing sector predicts that 14 of its areas will see higher revenues.
Meanwhile, US nonmanufacturing sector picked up a little steam in August, according to data released Thursday by the Institute for Supply Management.
China's nonmanufacturing sector joined the country's manufacturing sector in growing at a slower rate last month, (http://www.
The Detroit automaker, as part of the report, set environmental stewardship goals that also include increasing the number of manufacturing and nonmanufacturing sites that are do not use landfills.
The index for major nonmanufacturing companies is projected at plus 1 on average, the same as in the September Tankan survey.
Employment in manufacturing industries has decreased, and employment in nonmanufacturing industries has increased.
Truly, the underserved market for breakdown coverage is the small, nonmanufacturing business.
Nonmanufacturing employment has also shown mixed results, falling 1.
of Taiwan to form a joint venture company that will take over principal nonmanufacturing operations from the major Taiwanese automaker.
In a recent study, we attempted to assess the impact of manufacturing on total nonmanufacturing output in Texas and fourteen other states with the highest gross state manufacturing product in 1986.