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n.1.A nun.
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Nonne procedurali canoniche commentate, Coletti a San Pietro, Roma 2013, 374-375.
Per colpa della lingua, le nonne, al di la dei saluti preliminari, non hanno alcun rapporto affetivo con i nipotini.
Racconta divertita dei diverbi fra le sue nonne (28) o delle difficolta che sua madre incontra nel preparare una valigia per Pulce (18-19).
Hispanias nonne vel eadem vel maiora forsitan vitia perdiderunt?
Jeauneau [further: PP I, Jeauneau, CCCM 161], Turnholti 1996) 67: "Dam ergo dico 'intelligo me esse', nonne in hoc uno verbo quod est 'intelligo' tria significo a se inseparabilia?
She finds the same procedures in one of his least-known works, La nonne sanglante, where Berlioz employs "unnatural" sounds to evoke supernatural realms.
Elmar Mammadyarov emphasized that in 1999, in accordance with a decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, National Leader Heydar Aliyev, collections of the art works of the Bremen museum by such famous artists as Rembrandt van Rijn, Albrecht Drer, Nicolas Poussin, Anthony van Dyck, Jacob van Ruisdael and others, were returned to Germany and he pointed out that there are also many buildings of architectural significance designed in the 19-20th centuries by German architects such as Nicolaus von der Nonne and Adolf Eichler that are still a part of the ambiance of the streets of Baku and other cities.
During World War One, German army physicians, including Max Nonne and Fritz Kaufmann, claimed that most cases of traumatic hysteria affecting front-line soldiers were the consequence of memories of the future.
Some of the songs were published previously under her brother Felix's name, including "Das Heimweh" and "Die Nonne," both included here.
A premiere vue, une inflation qui baisse est une nonne nouvelle, surtout dans un pays oo l'on se plaint sans discontinuer de la flambee des prix, comme c'est le cas de la Tunisie.
27) "Et Gregorius ait: nonne lupus est, potius quam pastor, qui ouiculam ecclesiastici pastoris tondet per rapinam, polluit per ebrietatem, rapit per fornicationem, deuorat per adulterium?