n.1.A failure to produce or exhibit.
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Whether they're production or nonproduction, catering or drilling, maintenance or deck crew, they all have a part to play in ensuring health and safety is always moving forwards and that no one loses sight of its importance.
The national measure of average weekly hours worked is constructed separately for production workers and nonproduction workers.
In its foundational modules, MENTIS advocated for masking nonproduction databases, and brought iScramble to market- the first static data masking product.
To ensure Honda is well placed to adjust to all possible outcomes, we are planning six nonproduction days in April.
December 17: McGregor was summonsed by a garda for nonproduction of an insurance certificate and his licence.
The joining of the MQM and the Balochistan National Party (Mengal) in the opposition walkout from the National Assembly this week, in protest against the nonproduction of PML-N leader Saad Rafique in the house, is a sign of the growing frustration of the coalition partners.
So they fight with you about nonproduction of documents that don't exist or complain about a one-day extension.
Karachi -- PTI members staged a sit in on the gate of Sindh Assembly against the nonproduction of drinking water.
In fact, it is possible to think of the piers themselves as an enormous, broken machine of nonproduction, even a "bachelor" machine, to push the art-historical point.
The design of the tool included a questionnaire for the upper management and a questionnaire for production and nonproduction employees, and it was implemented in a wood products company located in the United States where Kaizen events had been conducted for several years.
Sales commissions, tips, and production bonuses also are part of the wages shown in these charts, but overtime pay and nonproduction bonuses are not.
Sun Chemical's 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report continues to focus on its data-driven sustainability efforts by reporting the performance measurement for seven key sustainability metrics: energy consumption/conservation at production and nonproduction sites, the energy carbon footprint at the production sites, process waste reduction, water consumption, materials safety, and employee safety.