a.1.Not recurring.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Between nonrecurrent and recurrent patients, paired t-test was performed to analyze the difference between balloon size measured in venogram and graft portal vein size measured in operation.
Determination of the levels of expression of sarcolectin and calcyclin and of the percentages of apoptotic but not proliferating cells to enable distinction between recurrent and nonrecurrent cholesteatomas.
Cumulative proportion of patients with nonrecurrent Plasmodium vivax malaria given a 3-day course of DHA/PPQ and chloroquine detected by PCR within 63 days of follow-up, Cambodia.
Of 2469 patients included, 1835 (74.3%) had no UTI, 465 (18.8%) had nonrecurrent (NR)-UTI (urine sample containing >[10.sup.5] bacterial colony-forming units/mL) and 169 (6.8%) had R-UTI.
Significant differences between recurrent and nonrecurrent cases Mean Age, Mean BMI, Mean Number Years kg/[m.sup.2] of Births No recurrence 38.4[+ or -]8.7 28.4[+ or -]4.8 2.0[+ or -]0.8 Recurrence 40.1[+ or -]6.2 33.8[+ or -]1.5 3.8[+ or -]1.4 p 0.6 0.003 0.001 Mean Duration Existence of Existence of of lactation fistula, n (%) abscess, n (%) No recurrence 15,6[+ or -]9.2 8 (%14.5) 9 (%16.3) Recurrence 33.6[+ or -]10.9 6 (%75) 7 (%87.5) p 0.001 0.001 0.001 Luminal Mean GM inflammation, score Total n (%) No recurrence 0 (%0) 2.1[+ or -]0.9 55 Recurrence 5 (%62.5) 5.0[+ or -]0.7 8 p 0.001 0.001 BMI: body mass index; GM: granulomatous mastitis Table 2.
Simultaneous Occurrence of Three Anatomical Variations: Anomalous Right Subclavian Artery, NonRecurrent Inferior Laryngeal Nerve and Right Thoracic Duct.
Stedman (1823) published the first description of a nonrecurrent laryngeal nerve (NRILN), originating from the right vagus nerve, going directly into the larynx.
A 2003 study that examined approximately 13,000 claims among women aged 18-75 years with acute cystitis enrolled in a preferred provider care organization during 1997-1999 (7) found that the antibiotics most commonly dispensed within 3 days of a nonrecurrent episode of cystitis were fluoroquinolones (32%), trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (37%), and nitrofurantoin (16%).
[56] showed in a comparative study, between Clark II recurrent melanomas and nonrecurrent tumors, that vascularity does not have a prognostic value.
Recurrence-free survival (RFS) was defined as the interval between the date of surgery and the date of recurrence for relapsed patients or the last follow-up for nonrecurrent patients.
We identified 12 genes that were differentially expressed between recurrent and nonrecurrent luminal B BC patients (Table 1).