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(ˌnɒn rɪˈdi mə bəl)

1. not redeemable, as for payment: nonredeemable soda bottles.
2. not able to be improved or compensated for: evil, nonredeemable behavior.
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redemption of nonredeemable debt; cure and reinstatement of accelerated
31, 2017, as a decline in common equity and nonredeemable non-controlling interest was offset by a $250 million preferred share issuance during the year.
government even taxed state banknotes in order to ensure the use of nonredeemable greenback notes (Markham 2002, Ch.
The biggest surprise is the uncharacteristic redemption of characters previously thought nonredeemable. We will not mention names here, so as to not ruin the biggest emotional pay-off which comes right towards the end of the film, a treat both intensely moving and a feast for the eyes.
It said the preferred shares are voting, participating, nonredeemable and would have preference over common shares in case the company goes out of business.
(118) Seto suggests that worlds with nonredeemable, nonconvertible currencies should be taxed to cash method participants only in the event of real money transactions.
dollar, which had already been made nonredeemable in gold for American citizens by President Franklin Roosevelt, was now essentially also nonredeemable by foreign governments as well, even though it remained the world's reserve currency.
B1) Callable/ Noncallable preference shares (redeemable / nonredeemable preference shares or Callable/ Noncallable preferred stock)
They can unilaterally increase their assets to fund such insurance claims by issuing liabilities in the form of nonredeemable currency.
As with Economy, we are pushing off nonredeemable IOUs onto the future.
nonredeemable. Do the preferred shares have a fixed term, and can they be bought back by the company at a specified price, time or interval?