n.1.Want of resemblance; unlikeness; dissimilarity.
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Some are familiar--Nixon's "haggard" appearance, Ford's denial of the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, Carter's consultation with Amy about nuclear proliferation, Reagan's wandering down the Pacific Coast Highway, Dukakis's "clinical" response to his wife's hypothetical rape and murder, Quayle's pronounced nonresemblance to Jack Kennedy.
Alice Jardine describes the poststructuralist idea of the "hole in the text" as the "'unrepresentable factor' [that] can perhaps be formulated, but not represented, for it is the space of nonresemblance between the signifier and the signified" (124-25).
as "the space of slippage, the spaces of nonresemblance, within the sign, among the signifier, signified, and referent,"(14) though I will also argue that we must refer this space to the specifically masculine voice that has constructed his narration within historical boundaries that we are not allowed to forget or ignore (e.