n.1.Want of submission; failure or refusal to submit.
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Most of the time, these are caused by errors in the contribution collection reports submitted by the employers and delayed or nonsubmission of such reports.
The initial evaluation revealed some deficiencies such as: a) qualifications of nominated project manager and deputy project manager do not meet the prescribed qualification criteria; b) lacking lump sum price analysis as well as unit price analysis; c) business registration without authentication from the Philippine Embassy in Korea; and d) nonsubmission of list of equipment to be mobilized within 20 days.
Nonsubmission of a duplicate copy may disqualify your bid/proposal.
Samuel Steinberg nota que "For Jameson the notion of cooptation implies a choice--a choice between entering and submitting to the system, and nonentry and nonsubmission, remaining outside of the system--that for him has been cancelled" (266).
A show cause notice is to be issued to the NGO with a direction to take corrective action immediately in case of nonsubmission of utilization certificate or where the ministry/ department suspects a material irregularity, or misutilisation misappropriation or falsification.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Senate Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari while expressing annoyance over nonsubmission of answers by the government about perks and privileges of retired chief justices asked the government to present all facts before the house on Tuesday.
The court issued bailable arrest warrants of the secretary ECP for February 10 during course of proceedings on Thursday morning while taking a strict note on nonsubmission of commission's reply in the said petition despite issuance of four notices for the purpose.
Established nonstock, nonprofit organizations may be fined for late filing of registration with the BIR and nonsubmission of registration datasheets and financial statements.
The violations included the failure to post the bid invitation online at the Government Electronic Procurement System and the province's website, and the nonsubmission of bidding documents.
Such Tenderers Are To Note That Nonsubmission Of Such Documents Shall Be Takenas Their Not Having Any Such Past Performance And Their Offers Shall Beconsidered Further As Per Extant Rules And No Back Reference In This Regard Will Be Made To Them.
The court criticised nonsubmission of reply by the government during the hearing today.
Besides the transition, other spending bottlenecks in the third quarter included late or nonsubmission of billing statements from contractors and creditors, procurement difficulties such as failed biddings, as well as delayed implementation of sub-projects under programs whose implementation were likewise delayed last year or early this year, the DBM said.