n.1.(Law) A vacation between two terms of a court.
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69% Table 11 Working and Non-Working Citations in Opinions of Texas Courts of Appeals, by Year Working Non-Working Total Percent NonTerm Citations Citations Citations Working 1998 0 3 3 100% 1999 0 2 2 100% 2000 1 5 6 83.
Students in nonterm or nonstandard-term programs are considered withdrawn if their next class does not begin within a certain length of time and they do not provide written notification of their intention to attend later in the term.
For example, NOW accounts in M1 and MMDAs in M2 are nonterm deposits, but small and large denomination time deposits in M2 and M3 are term assets.
Motley proposed classifying all nonterm deposits, money that can be accessed without notice and at par, as a new monetary aggregate.
To avoid arbitrary sweeps of bank accounts and other liquid assets (such as the cash value of any nonterm life insurance policy), consider transferring these funds to an attorney's escrow for remittance to the IRS (a portion to be separately deposited towards the current year's estimated taxes, particularly for any premature IRA withdrawals, and the balance to be submitted to the IRS towards the offer in compromise).
A split-dollar arrangement exists where one party pays for the insurance element in a policy and another pays for the increase in cash surrender value as a means of financing a nonterm life insurance contract.