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48) Laycock also believes that transcendence for the nontheist may be found in natural law or principles of equality.
Each figure extends a certain tradition in Thoreau's work--Baldwin uses art to create a nontheist prophecy while King identifies with Thoreau's nonviolence and the romantic idea of rebirth.
A bisexual nontheist who doesn't own a TV and used to work out of coffee shops before getting elected, Sinema oversold her hipster cred when she dissed stay-at-home morns for "leeching off their husbands.
Nontheist thinkers may of course question the assumption that free will accurately describes human agency, but if one shares Plantinga's rejection of ethical determinism, his position is at least characterized by internal coherence--F, calls it "epistemically justified" (59).
Like any militant nontheist (he doesn't like using "Atheist" as a personal identifier), he doesn't like religionism because it so easily exerts detrimental moral influence that causes an assortment of cultural pollutions.
Today, I would describe myself as a "post-rationalist nontheist anarcho-ecohumanist.
10) This can vary greatly in different regions of the country; for example, see Killen & Silk (2004) for an exploration of the Pacific Northwest as an area where organized Christianity takes a back seat in both numbers and ideological force in the face of atheist, nontheist, and individual-spiritualist alternatives.
It remains to be seen whether the educational content of their professional vocational preparation is sufficiently robust to constitute its own tradition, especially if "interfaith" includes both theist and nontheist faiths, and to engender allegiances that produce the sorts of conflicts I refer to here.
Theologically, the contributors range from evangelical to nontheist.
Despairing of any principled agreement on the foundations of morality between theist and nontheist, Rist takes the position that upholders of the realist tradition must recover its history, learning from the skills and insights of those who advance it and from those who reject it.
Other approaches, even when attempting to be nontheist, still implicate theological issues (Assagioli, 1965/ 1976; Chandler, Holden, & Kolander, 1992; Hiatt, 1986; Wilber, 1996), because they rely on Eastern thought in which the identity of divinity with human consciousness or spirit is taken for granted.
I spent two years struggling with administrators, chaplains, and others just to be allowed the right to purchase an American Atheist necklace from an outside vendor because our commissary didn't offer anything for the nontheist.