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In its application for the display, The Satanic Temple-Chicago calls itself a nontheistic organization that aims to "encourage benevolence and empathy among all people." The group also rejects tyrannical authority and advocates for common sense and justice, the application said.
Over the years, members have heard from lots of Christian speakers and occasionally adherents of other faith traditions, but there's one thing they're not getting: nontheistic invocations.
The rise of mechanistic and reductionist views also gave room for agnostic and atheistic ideas to flourish, leading to a complex blend of theistic and nontheistic philosophies in science.
This led to a series of meetings with Huffman, CFE Coordinator Ron Millar, AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt, Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD), and several other House Democrats interested in forming a caucus for nontheistic legislators.
On rereading Anselm's works, she claims to have discovered an entirely new theory not only to support theistic arguments for free will, but also to insert a new paradigm into nontheistic positions on the question.
But a majority of appeal judges disagreed, concluding that Real Alternatives is not similar to a religious denomination or one of its nontheistic counterparts, "not in structure, not in aim, not in purpose, and not in function."
There are also religions, like Buddhism, that are nontheistic. Gautama Buddha was said to have left out the question of God's existence because the concept of 'God' has been so divisive.
The point here is not to question the reasonableness of the theory of evolution in general, but rather to question its reductionistic, nontheistic version.
Abrahamic religions are the ones I am most familiar with, but the contact I have had with religions outside the Abrahamic family has suggested to me that similar issues arise, and comparable resources for dealing with them exist, in polytheistic Hinduism, nontheistic Buddhism and Western Pagan traditions, to name a few.
Here P.'s intercultural and interreligious credentials come to the fore as he explores diverse concepts, symbols, and images, from both theistic and nontheistic traditions, pointing to a singular ineffable mystery.
Because Buddhism is a nontheistic religion, Buddhists don't meet the "duty to God" criteria, either.
Marcia Falk in The Book of Blessings has translated certain Jewish blessings into a nontheistic form.