a.1.Of or pertaining to noölogy.
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According to Pytell, Frankl's focus on the noological dimension is reflected in his therapeutic techniques of paradoxical intention and dereflection.
And to return to the example the school boy, on this account he is insinuated in modes of expression and thought itself in these unheard-of noological universes of reference.
The noological and mental-health views of Taoist thought: A preliminary empirical study.
This is important, because, according to Lotringer (2009), were it not for the 'blink', TV viewers would become so intimate with the present noological field, that they would hallucinate images in the 'chaosmos'.
9) Another way to put this--reflecting the critique raised by Deleuze, Gramsci, Lukacs and Sartre--is that the noological element of Marxian thought is completely displaced by the physicalist element.
System of Noological Sociology, Valahia Publishing House, Bucharest, 2001, 2002, p.
Experiment 3 examines whether noological predisposition, such as meaning of life, is perceived as a contributory factor along with group pressure to hashish smoking by kibbutz adolescents in a manner similar to the previous ones, with the exception that the information on risk-taking was replaced with information on meaning of life.
If we take Frankl as a background again, he considered meaning and values as belonging to the noological dimension, which is strictly separated from the psychological dimension.